Your data is important for us


Hey there, I’m Tamás Terray, co-founder of Quantified.Company. Before you read our official legal text, here are some thoughts in human readable English on data protection.

  • Our service is about expressing your opinion freely. Your trust is the way we handle your data is crucial for us.

  • We take data seriously, we even like GDPR :)

  • Most of the time (99%) your company is the controller of your data, we just provide a tool to do so, therefore we are only data processors.

  • We follow the strict rules of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the EU, even for clients who are outside of the EU. What does this mean for you? We will only process your data in the ways we describe it below. We will not keep it until eternity, but we will anonymise it when it’s not needed in your company’s project.

  • If you have any question about your data, or you want to erase your personal data it’s a good idea to ask your colleagues who work with us (typically the HR department).  Besides this we are also happy to help you, just drop us a mail at

And now, let’s jump into the legal part! Click here to open our Privacy Policy