Time to rethink Employee Satisfaction Surveys

HR and OD experts use surveys to gather employee insights. However there are several issues with these surveys. They tend to be boring, long, full of numerical questions, and the output is not actionable. If your colleagues fill them in auto-pilot mode it's better not to take the output seriously.

We use open questions instead

Why do you like at Evil GigaCorp? How could we improve Evil GigaCorp? 



The team can freely talk about anything work related. 


The team works together on the questions. They see anonymous answers and rate them to show agreement.



Our tool and experts analyse the output, and brings you actionable output. 



Bring actionable output to the management.


Set it up in 10 mins, wait 10 working days, and you get our analysis.

HR centric

HR becomes the heart of  modern organizations. Give them quantified insights. 


Goda Gyula, Flow

Quantified can solve a long-lasting dilemma: how to open door for employee opinion without generating expectations beyond strategic goals. Excellent!

Kalmár Elvira, Hungarian Telekom

The Quantified Platform is the 21st century company dialogue tool: we use this anonimus, digitalised opinion collection to replace focuse groups, program preparation interviews, create democratic processes about team and house rules. What we apperciate most is the one open question, that does not lead the answerers into any direction, and the ability to agree and disagree and out of that create new options- all in the virtual space.

Molly Alexander, Acumen

Quantified Company’s tools gave us maximum flexibility on an interface which is clean to look at and easy to use. The QA team worked in dedicated partnership with us to ensure we had what we needed from them. Thanks guys!